St. Francis Fountain

St. Francis Fountain

As you can see, St. Francis is a classic, old time diner and one of San Francisco’s last remaining diners. It’s located in the Mission at 24th and York, and they make their own ice cream that is delicious. And so, there we were in sweats and looking a little dogged at St. Francis Fountain for breakfast shortly after 8am when they opened.

Boogaloo’s is great, but honestly, St. Francis Fountain is better, with a traditional menu. Dave had biscuits & gravy with eggs, home fries and a side of bacon. I had my favorite – eggs over medium with a burger patty, home fries and sour dough toast.

Oh, and to grab that ‘hair of the dog’, I ordered a Guinness Float with their most delicious ice cream. Dave absolutely loved his meal and finished every bite. The home fries are extraordinarily well seasoned and well cooked with crispy skins, a nice herb mixture and onions. My eggs were perfectly cooked, and the burger patty was hand-made, a rarity these days in diner-like establishments. What a fabulous find this place is. It’s going to be a regular breakfast spot for us going forward. There are so many wonderful, old-style places in the Mission. It’s worth taking a few hours or more to explore everything there is to offer.

St. Francis Fountain Wrap-Up

Price: $

Above Average

Good Things

  • Not many diners around anymore
  • Traditional diner food
  • Great area to explore

Bad Things

  • Very crowded on weekends if you're not early

The Breakdown


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