State Bird Provisions

State Bird Provisions

State Bird Provisions?  What a wacky name for a restaurant, and even a San Francisco restaurant!!  But, these guys have an ingenious concept, and the state bird, the quail, is always on the menu.

We met our friends there on Friday night.  They are foodies as well, and their son is a sommelier locally, so they are always in the know about the San Francisco restaurant scene.  You will need to make your reservation as far as 30 days in advance.  State Bird Provisions fills up and stays full the entire evening.

The food is served dim-sum-style, meaning that small plates of food are carried around the restaurant for the diners to select.  There are also 10 or so items on a menu to order.  We started with fresh asparagus, served from the tray, with a pickled egg gribiche, topped with nuts and what the restaurant calls ‘bird seed'($7).  The asparagus was perfectly cooked with just enough lemon to enhance its flavor.

Asaparagus at State Bird Provisions

Next on the tray was a kimchi pork belly with tofu and clams ($9).  It was spicy, and the various textures melded well together.   Our friend, Arnie, did a great job choosing the wine.  We started with a German reisling which nicely countered the spices.

Kimchi Soup with Pork Belly and Clams at State Bird ProvisionsState Bird Provisions
It’s been so long since I started this article that I forget what we ate.  Anyway, I wanted to post this because I’m now promising to get back to writing about food!!  Enjoy!

State Bird Provisions Wrap-Up

Price: $$$

Really Good

Good Things

  • Food - amazing

Bad Things

  • Ambiance nothing special
  • A few snooty waiters who grow impatient that you don't get it

The Breakdown


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