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TakuyaAlways a foodie for me. I love reading everything I can get my hands on about the latest trends, new restaurants, and different and unique ways to cook. So, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Inside Scoop announced a soft opening of Takuya, a Japanese hot dog place on Irving between 8th and 9th. It just so happened that I was scheduled for a facial at noon on Sunday just a block and a half from Takuya. Farah at Skin Sessions is amazing by the way!!

Dave took the dogs to Golden Gate Park for a run while I had my facial. It’s so mobbed near Golden Gate Park on the weekends, we couldn’t find a parking place. So, Dave dropped me at Takuya to place the order.

I had NO idea the Japanese were trending hot dogs, but oh my, are they!!! With another location in San Mateo, Takuya sets up a menu for hot dogs and bowls as well as french fries. You can use the menu or make your own. Bowls have salad, brown or white rice as the base. After the bun or base for bowls, you choose a meat – chicken/apple sausage, chicken/bacon/mushroom/swiss cheese, cajun beef sausage, smoked pork sausage, medium hot pork sausage, polish beef sausage, sweet italian chicken sausage or vegan sausage. Added items from the grill include bacon, tempura shrimp, crabmeat, yakisoba, takoyaki, tofu, chicken, unagi, smoked pork or beef. Yowza!!! We’re not done yet!

Then, choose a sause – unagi, spicy mayo, japanese kimchee, honey mustard, wasabi mayo, miso sauce, spicy mango or kitchen. THEN, as many toppings as you like – red onion, carrot, cucumber, sweet corn, jalapeno, kimchee, cherry tomato, pineapple, cheese, sesame seeds, furikake, mince garlic, seaweed, bonito flakes or dried onion.

The ChichiIt was just too hard to put all that together. SO, we ordered to dogs to sample – the Ebi – beef sausage, shrimp tempura, spicy mayo, unagi sauce, cucumbers, carrot, cherry tomato, furikake and black sesame. The Chichi had smoke pork sausage, chicken teriyaki, kimchee sauce, unagi sauce, cucumbers, carrot, kimchee, furikake, and bonito flakes. Honestly, I couldn’t have put anything more special together. The crispness of the tempura gave a crunch to all of the goodies, and man there were goodies. My opinion is that the kimchee sauce on the Chichi was too strong and overwhelmed the taste of everything else.
It’s a soft opening for Takuya. Can’t wait to head back and try more. I love the Japanese and their cravings for new things. This place is a hit!!

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