Tarantino’s and Fisherman’s Wharf

It’s always fun as a local or a tourist to walk around Fisherman’s Wharf.  It’s got to be the most popular tourist destination in San Francisco which makes me ask – why is the city of San Francisco building the Central Subway Metro and ending it in Chinatown instead of Fisherman’s Wharf?  The city is already gridlocked, and it’s spending billions on this subway connector from the new TransBay Terminal.  What’s another 1/2 mile or so??  Our Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi managed to get billions to fix Doyle Drive to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Why not federal funding to the most popular tourist destination in San Francisco?  I have written my political representatives more than once on this.  You should, too.

At Fisherman’s Wharf, Tarantino’s is a huge part of that as well as Boudin and The Gold Dust Lounge.  After enjoying a delicious meal at The Buena Vista Cafe, we decided to take the pooches for a walk down along the wharf.  After all, it was a beautiful day!!

First off, Boudin Bakery has tours, makes bread and has an awesome local-based gift shop.  We LOVE the tomato soap that they sell which is often an excuse to make the trek across town.  The place is always packed.  Did you know that they are still using the same starter that started the company during the California Gold Rush??  Amazing!!  I love that they make bread in the shapes of animals and seafood.  Quite a nice present to take to friends.  You can watch the baking operation from large windows on the street.

Tarantino’s – a long-established restaurant and San Francisco family has both a restaurant and a street-facing market.  I’ve never been to the restaurant, and as long as Scoma’s is around, I won’t.  But, the sidewalk restaurant was boasting some pretty great looking crab.  We can get crab in season at Whole Foods for $8-9 a pound.  Tarantino’s was selling it at $13.95 a pound, but we decided that we should give it a try and take two crabs home for dinner.  After all, we suspected their collection of beautiful crabs came right off the boats right their at the wharf, and why not try the freshest crab available.  Turns out it was worth the investment.  I use Swan Oyster Depot’s Crab Louis dressing on cold crab – yummy!!

And by the way, there are many boats in the harbor that offer both sightseeing and fishing tours.  They’re there and ready to sail or make an appointment.  I gave my brother a fishing trip for his birthday years ago and have yet to deliver.  Gotta do it!!

And then there’s The Gold Dust Lounge.  Over a hundred years a fixture in Union Square’s shopping area, the landlord evicted them to build a Limited Express of all things.  The WHOLE city was outraged, but no one could change the inevitable.  SO, The Gold Lounge moved to Fisherman’s Wharf.  I thought it was a huge mistake with The Buena Vista Cafe and their Irish Coffees only a few blocks away.  But I was so wrong.  It’s a beautiful space at The Gold Dust Lounge with the same fixtures from the former location, and it appears that the red leather banquettes might have made the commute, too.  We had just come back from Ireland, so The Gold Dust Lounge’s special – a shot of Jameson and a Rolling Rock beer were just the ticket.  We got to talk to some fascinating tourists from Austin – a town I know well having worked for Dell for 10 years.  A local there took great delight in teasing our dogs on the street outside and made them bark like crazy. 

Tourists, Locals – go to Fisherman’s Wharf and enjoy all the beauty and fun to be had.

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