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Toss Noodle Bar

Toss Noodle BarI’m attending a ‘Get to Know Your Mind’ class at Dharma College.  More on that later.  My friend and I get to Peet’s about 9:30 for coffee and then head to Dharma College for a 10-11:30am session.  It’s pretty mind boggling, pun intended.  When done, all we want to do it go for a bite to eat and discuss our brains and why they don’t seem to get along with us.  This week’s exploration took us to Toss Noodle Bar.   They don’t have a website, but Google seems to be getting in on the Yelp business of personal reviews, so here is that website.

They have a simple 1-2-3 method.  For roughly $10, you choose your noodles, then the broth, then the contents.  My friend and I chose the ramen noodles, chicken broth, and the mixed contents or various meats, fish and vegetables.  You pay at the counter, get a number, and then grab a seat.  Grab is literal here as both Cal and Berkeley High School are within blocks, so if you’re anywhere near this place near noon, watch out.

The service at Toss Noodle Bar is good, and the portions plentiful.  You’ll find most students sharing the large bowls, pictured above.  I like the flavor, although I thought there was a lot more that could be done with the chicken broth.  The meat, fish and vegetable portions were plentiful.  I would recommend this as a good go-to place for fresh, fast food in downtown Berkeley.

owners nameOh, and I can’t resist, check out the owner’s name.  Only in Thailand!!  My Giants season ticker holder neighbor mentioned that his fraternity made one of his Thai brother’s names as a challenge to entrance into the fraternity.  Too funny – that name is WAY longer than this one.  I like the concept of Toss Noodle Bar.  I think they will come along nicely.

Toss Noodle Bar Wrap-Up

Price: $

Above Average

Good Things

  • Design Your Own
  • Central Downtown Berkeley
  • Fresh Ingredients

Bad Things

  • Lunchtime Student Rush
  • No Lingering

The Breakdown


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