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Una Pizza Napoletana

My friend, Tracey, told me about Una Pizza Napoletana when Anthony Mangieri mysteriously moved his wildly famous pizzeria from Manhattan to San Francisco. From what I read about the man, my first impression was arrogance. He works 5 days a week – no problem – but his website says that they open at 5pm and work until the dough runs out. Tracey says that the lines in Manhattan were crazy. They would open up, and go to the point in the line that they knew people wouldn’t be served and turn them away. Wow!!

Simple Surroundings at Una Pizza Napoletana

Apparently, Signore Mangieri found the love of his life in Italy, Ilaria, married, and decided that San Francisco offered a little slower pace than that of New York. His place near Harrison on 11th has no significant street signage, so you’ve really got to look for it. The inside, shown above, is strikingly simple, with a massive pizza oven acting as the main object d’art, and the chef positioned just before it making the pizzas as the orders come in.

We got there at 5, so scared that we wouldn’t get in. Turns out we got the last table. Talk about killer, knock-your-socks-off pizza?? You won’t taste anything like this anywhere, and Signore Mangieri is incredibly engaging and delightful in his role as the first person you see when you walk in and the sole maker of pizza pie nirvana.

The Marinara Pizza at Una Pizza Napoletana

The pizzas – there are only 5 of them – range from $25, with a 6th pizza on Saturdays only. Ingredients are few, and there is NO meat, except the Appollonia on Saturday that has salami. We asked, and Signore Mangieri said he has always just made them that way. We had the Bianca and the Marinara. The former is a white pizza with buffalo mozzarella, olive oil, garlic, fresh basil and sea salt. The Marinara is made with tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, basil and sea salt. They were outstanding and some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. The dough was chewy, and the basil was nicely crisped on top.

The next time, however, I will order the Ilaria, which has arugula instead, making it a bit different from the Bianca than just tomatoes.

You gotta go, people!! You won’t believe this place.

Una Pizza Napoletana Wrap-Up

Price: $

Worth a Try

Good Things

  • Some of the best pizza in the city
  • Limited choices make for easy decisions

Bad Things

  • Very plain atmosphere
  • Often hard to get in

The Breakdown


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