Wise Sons

Wise Sons

When we moved to San Francisco in 1994, the Mission District was not a very safe place. The hottest part of town for a foodie, the Valencia Corridor didn’t really exist. One would have never put other than a Mexican restaurant in the Mission. San Francisco restaurants wanting to make dough ($$) would put up restaurants where the locals merely supplemented the tourist traffic. But then, with the dot-com boom, rents began skyrocketing, and tons of restaurateurs could no longer afford the affluent areas. Plus, the dot-com money brought about gentrification of the ‘hood, with the smaller, less safe districts now housing young wealthy entrepreneurs. San Francisco restaurants, the kind you used to go downtown for, started springing up everywhere.

Most recently, the Mission has been welcoming an eclectic mix of restaurant types. La Tonayense lost their lease when the landlord jacked up the rent so high, it wasn’t worth staying. But a popup, Wise Sons, decided the small spot would be the perfect brick and mortar start for their efforts. I often drive by the place, just praying there will be a parking spot. Got lucky the other day.

Inside Wise Sons

Inside Wise Sons

Their menu is very New York Jewish, with smatterings of options, like Chinese Chicken Salad. The true test of a deli like this is the Corned Beef Sandwich. Not only do they make the amazing Jewish Rye Bread (which can be purchased for $7), they make their own corned beef as well. The sandwich ($12.75 and well worth it) is topped high with moist, delicious corned beef and accompanied by, I imagine, kosher pickles, because they taste just like Gus’s Pickles from the Lower East Side in New York.

Wise Sons serves brunch on the weekends. The place is mobbed, so plan for a wait in line. Or, you can take out. AND, now they deliver!!

Wise Sons Wrap-Up

Price: $$

Above Average

Good Things

  • True New York pastrami and corned beef
  • Now they deliver

Bad Things

  • Difficult parking
  • Long lines and no reservations

The Breakdown


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