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Zeke'sYou know I love dive bars.  Zeke’s is where we almost always go prior to the Giants games at home.  The food and booze is inexpensive, the ambiance of a perfect dive bar with sports broadcasts blaring from all over the venue, and the service is outstanding.  Once the fine ladies at Zeke’s get to know you, you’ll feel like you’re a part of the family.  And at 3rd and Brannan, it makes for a nice short stop before or after the game.

It depends on our mood what we eat when at Zeke’s.  When we’re in proper diet mode, it’s a Michelob Ultra, a shot of Bulleit Bourbon and their wonderful spicy chicken wings.  Served with celery slices and a cool Ranch dressing, they can’t be beat.  

Zeke's CheeseburgerWhen we’re in full-on mode, I always choose some form of hamburger at Zeke’s.  They use high quality beef, hand formed, and the taste, cooked to order, is excellent with a soft bun and all of the fixings.  They hand cut fresh french fries, and they’re also cooked perfectly.  That’s also a go-to snack if we’re planning on having ridiculously expensive dogs at the game.  

Their hot dogs are also top notch.  I love the featured image – a dog smothered in really tasty chili on a bun with their amazing fries.  Zeke’s also offers nachos.  If you get them, be sure to ask for added chili and extra cheese. 

They also have excellent Thai food, although I must admit, I’ve only seen it and not eaten it.

Inside Zeke'sSeriously, the wait staff is some of the best around.  They’re so congenial.  They’ll remember you AND what you like to drink after just the second visit.  My favorite, Eum, is such a delight.  She leads the pack in hospitality and friendship.

I couldn’t recommend Zeke’s, its food and wait staff more highly.  Now, don’t make me regret telling you about them by stealing my seat at the bar.  It’s the one on the far end!!

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