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3660 on the Rise

Over 20 years in business, 3660 on the Rise is a Honolulu local’s favorite.  And, I have to be honest.  I’ve dined at 3660 on the Rise many times, but this past week, I was there with friends invading 3660’s cocktail lounge area, eating pupus and old world wines.  I was fortunate, however, to have co-owner, Wes, allow me into the kitchen to photograph some of 3660 on the Rise’s best and my favorite dishes to chronicle for you here.  3660 on the Rise isn’t in a tourist trendy location, but rather on a busy Waialae street on the way to the University of Hawaii.  Its name is its address on this busy local street.

Service is amazing at 3660 on the Rise.  Their long-standing staff knows every bit of the menu, and they pace your meal to your liking.  We like to linger.  Others will order, eat and go.  The cocktails are excellent, and the wine list is very eclectic.

Potato Crusted Crab Cake

Potato Crusted Crab Cake

House Salad

House Salad

Pupus is the Hawaiian word for hors d’oeuvres or small plates.  The menu at 3660 on the Rise abounds with many selections.  I particularly like the potato-crusted crab cake with micro-thin grated potato encasing a large crab cake filled with….  —- CRAB!!  The house salad is fresh, small and simple.  And, btw, Tony is the chef in residence, taking charge of the day-to-day cooking when chef/owner Russell Siu is off working his celebrity status at tony events.

My husband, a creature of habit, always orders the steak, and generally, his steak preference is NOT a New York.  But Russell quickly pan fries it with a healthy dose of butter to finish off the nicely charred exterior and a red, tender interior.

Long Island Duck Breast at 3660

Long Island Duck Breast

Land and Sea

Land and Sea

The menu at the successful, endearing, 20-year-old 3660 on the Rise has something for everyone, and there are several ‘takes’ or themes of meats done in multiple fashions.  Take, for instance, the duck.  A breast of duck is cooked medium rare with a crispy skin and delicately sliced and laid next to a bed of potatoes.  Next to that is a chicken-fried duck leg.  The contrast is both beautiful and texturally alluring.  There is a streak trio as well.

The rack of lamb is one of the favorites amongst 3660 on the Rise frequenters.  Cooked to order, the plentiful rack of four chops rests atop a rich sauce and seasonable vegetables, this time asparagus.

Keeping with the trio theme is the ‘Symphony of Desserts’.  This night, it was all about chocolate – a chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream, pastry cone with chocolate and a tulle of chocolate to add height, dimension and bittersweet to the mix.

Symphony of Desserts

Symphony of Desserts

Inside 3660's dining room

Inside 3660’s dining room

Russell does quickly sold-out cooking classes in 3660 on the Rise’s large neighboring banquet facility.  Russell is also the proud recipient of the 2010 Hawaii Chef of the Year.  He and his partner, Gale Ogawa, celebrate decades of a great partnership and a wonderful locals-centric restaurant that is 3660 on the Rise.  Now, you’re in the know, too.

3660 on the Rise Wrap-Up

Price: $$$

Really Good

Good Things

  • Creative dishes
  • Excellent service
  • Good portions and variety

Bad Things

  • Tight parking lot
  • Cab ride for tourists

The Breakdown


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