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We had a whirlwind trip to Austin this past September.  We were looking at potentially moving there, so we looked at real estate, and we ate and drank like crazy!!!

We managed to get into Vespaio’s, a wildly popular Italian restaurant near where my friend Amy lives.  Amy told us to make sure we said hello to the manager, Saudio.  I was floored to find out that it was our friend, Saudio, from San Francisco whom I hadn’t seen in years.  I told him as he was serving us, “We have a friend in San Francisco named Saudio, but he has long hair.”  Then I recognized him!!  He’s the same skinny Saudio but very clean shaven with short hair.  He’s now an 8 handicap and about to be married.  He served us some incredible Italian wine from his stash.  The Oyster Rockefeller were excellent!!

Brown’s BBQ, in the feature photo, was also a hit.  I went there to buy some BBQ for us to munch on while we waited the six hours in line at Franklin’s for yet more BBQ.  I really loved their prime rib bones, but not as much as Black’s.  The pulled pork was very good, and so were the spareribs.  The brisket was just a little dry for my taste.

Amy took us to The Container Bar, a bar made exclusively from used containers.  It really fascinated Dave, having been in the container shipping business for quite a long time.  The drinks were really good.  Each container had a different decor and purpose.  Some had TVs to watch.  Others were there for games, etc.

We headed to another BBQ joint on the east side, but by the time we got there, they had already sold out and closed.  So, East Side Pie was a half block away, so we decided to give them a try.  The standard fare and unusual combinations there.  You can order by the slice or call ahead to pick up your own invention.  I found the pizza to be quite good.

I can never get enough Mexican food, so it was off to Polvo’s one night for dinner.  I marveled at the FOUR wonderful salsas accompanying the tortilla chips.  The margaritas were delicious, but my cheese enchilada and shredded beef taco were only so-so.  Everyone else thought much more highly of their meals than me.

Austin is a great town, and now quite a foodie town.  It’s the tiny little blue dot in the middle of a huge red state.  University of Texas probably contributes to this as is the case for most large university towns.  Whole Foods corporate headquarters is in Austin, and if you’re there, you simply have to see it.  It’s definitely their flagship, and you’ll find unusual offerings there as it’s the place where they do their test marketing.  Traffic is horrific as it is in most cities these days.  But the good news is, unlike my beautiful San Francisco, Austin offers alternate routes.  It is DARN hot there in the summer, but I guess if I lived in it, I would get used to it. 

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