Austin Land and Cattle Company

Austin Land and Cattle Company was pretty darn quiet the night we were there.  Amy says it’s always like that, and it’s been around for ages.  As you can imagine, there must be a gazillion steakhouses in every city and town in Texas.

Austin Caesar Salad

Austin Ribeye

We had the usual fare at Austin Land and Cattle Company, starting with the a Caesar Salad, a bit different than our normal wedge salad.  It was very good, although a bit overdressed.  The ribeye was nicely cooked, but I really don’t like when they ‘french’ the best part of the steak away at the end.  Austin Land and Cattle Company serves the steaks with four choices of sauces, something unique in an otherwise standard offering.  We had a baked potato for a change, and it was excellent.  My pictures are yellowed because the lighting in the restaurant was very low, and I didn’t want to distract the other guests with the use of a flash.

Austin Baked PotatoThey now have Uber in Austin which was a wise choice as we all stayed with cocktails throughout dinner instead of moving to wine.  Service was really good, and I really liked the ambiance.  I’ll definitely go back there when in Austin and in the mood for a steak. 

Austin Land and Cattle Company Wrap-Up

Price: $$$$

Worth a Try

The Breakdown


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