Turns out that the extraordinary bartender at The Nomad Hotel, Will Peet, is also a partner at Donostia, perhaps Manhattan’s first sherry bar.  I couldn’t wait to go.  Sherry and Tapas are the best thing about Spain.  I’ve written about it from Sherryfest, my CIA Sherry class, and dinners I’ve attended that focus on sherry.

Donostia is a true Spanish Tapas bar, focusing on sherry but offering Spanish wines and beers as well.  We like to start with Fino, the lightest of sherries, and chose Tio Pepe Fino en Rama.  That was accompanied by a variety of Spanish olives and Marcona almonds.  Salty and briny. 

We next had ‘montaditos’ or sandwiches.  The salmon version had cream on the bread, ample smoked salmon, and it was topped with honey, cracked almonds and chillies.  The honey was an excellent addition to the selection, and I plan to do this at home.  The Chippirones were baby squid in their black ink served with caramelized onions, sherry vinegar and thyme.  Excellent!!!

We had an amazing craft beer from Spain, like nothing I’ve ever had.  It’s called L’anjub from Iberia.  I really hope I can find it here on the left coast!!!  It had an unusual bitterness to it while still being well-rounded. 

Next came Iberico Ham, a rare prosciutto from Spain.  Thin slices were topped on small toasted bread slices with olive oil.  The only thing different than having it in Spain was the olive oil on the bread.  We enjoyed a wonderful Amontillado, light with briny tones, caramel and almond flavors.

Our final dish (we had a huge lunch at Peter Luger’s – more on that separately) was Iberico Lomo, prosciutto from the back of the pig.  It was more rich than the standard Iberico.  A nice rich Oloroso accompanied it.

We sat at the bar at Donostria.  The wait staff was attentive and quite knowledgeable.  The small kitchen often causes waits for the food, all the more reason to taste more Sherry.  The ambiance was a true Spanish Tapas bar, just in Greenwich Village.  I just love this place.  I believe this kind of restaurant is going to be the next big thing.

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