Franklin BBQ

Ah, Franklin BBQ.  It’s been written up just about everywhere – Food & Wine, Budget Travel, Texas Monthly, Cowboys & Indians.  But is it worth the 6-hour wait??  Probably not, but I’ll hold that judgement until the end.

Dave and Amy got to Franklin BBQ at 9:15am on a Saturday, and we got our food at 3:15pm.  HOWEVER, the wait was SUCH fun.  We had a cooler of beer, lawn chairs, and I managed to get some bbq from Brown’s to hold us over for the wait.

If you’re not ready for a long wait in line and a party while doing so, Franklin’s BBQ isn’t the place for you.  The brisket is extraordinary.  We missed out on the ribs, which sold out just before we got to the front of the line.  The sausage is really good, but on a reheat are absolutely crammed with fat.  The pulled pork?? Yum.

Franklin BBQ comes through the line and calculates how much food is available based on peoples’ orders.  We were second to last in line, based on their estimates.  You’ll see the picture of the guy with the ‘last man standing’ AND ‘last woman standing’ cardboard piece.  But, if you get there around 2pm on the weekend, you might just wait a little while and get what’s left.

The spread is really good at Franklin BBQ, and the sides are quite good.  We got as much bbq as we could, and packed and brought some home to freeze for later.  So, party on at Franklin BBQ with your friends, but honestly, there are other really good options without the line.

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