Teriyaki Steak

Go Bistro – SFO

I rarely travel out of San Francisco International Airport terminals other than United’s Terminal 3.  But, a boondoggle to Phoenix put me in the Southwest Airlines terminal.  After a busy morning, we were ready for a bite to eat, and Go Bistro is one of the few food places in Terminal 1 that offers wait service.

Go Bistro’s prices are quite reasonable, and the service is great.  They have lots of employees to serve their customers and keep up the location.

Dave chose a Teriyaki Steak over rice which, as you can see from the featured image, was abundant and had lots of wholesome ingredients.  The beef was tender, and the entire combination mixed sweet, savory and crunchy texture.

Go Bistro Pork Tonkatsu SandwichI chose the Pork Tonkatsu sandwich.  While not normally on my diet, I figured my boondoggle weekend might as well start off right.  The tonkatsu was crispy on the outside, and the pork was tender and juicy.  The well-cooked steak fries added an extra decadence to the meal.

I would recommend Go Bistro if you’re traveling through Terminal 1 at San Francisco Airport – SFO.  It’s a quick and satisfying stop.

Go Bistro Wrap-Up

Price: $$

Above Average

Good Things

  • Reasonably priced food at the airport
  • Good service
  • Asian variety

Bad Things

  • Hey - it's the airport!

The Breakdown


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