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Inside Katsu-HamaKatsu-Hama is in Midtown New York at 47th off of 5th Avenue.  I wish I could remember where I read about it.  The article suggested to try the pork cutlet lunch special.  Katsu is pork cutlet, so obviously this restaurant specializes in the Japanese dish.

So wow!!!  What a great find.  For $12, I got ALL of this wonderful food at Katsu-Hama.  A nice bowl of dashi soup (how is it that the Japanese, like MacDonald’s can make the same dish taste exactly the same no matter where you eat it???), a small bowl of crisp, pickled vegetables, steamed rice and a pork cutlet with shredded cabbage.  What was surprising and delightful to me was the small bowl of roasted sesame seeds with a mortar.  Each diner is expected to grind up the sesame seeds and then add the dipping sauce. It’s really a delightful sauce.

Katsu Side Dishes


I was really pleased with this lunch, especially for the price in Manhattan of all places.  Service is really good and efficient.  There are two small bars that accommodate most of the singles heading into Katsu-Hama for lunch, and the back of the restaurant has a very traditional Japanese feel to its dining area.  I highly recommend a visit to Katsu-Hama.  Their menu is varied so that everyone in your group will find something they like.

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