Mitch’s Fish Market and Sushi Bar

We were invited to take a tour of the United Airlines Customer Service Center at the Honolulu Airport, a perfect prelude to dining at Mitch’s Fish Market and Sushi Bar just 2 miles away.

We were introduced to Mitch’s Fish Market and Sushi Bar several years ago by our local Honolulu friends. This is a place that you might never find yourself. In fact, the United Airlines agents, just 2 miles away, hadn’t heard of it. They’ve recently added a separate dining room. The sushi bar area isn’t much to look at, but as you can already tell, I’m quite fond of dive spots.

The same people at Mitch’s Fish Market and Sushi Bar have been there for years. Two Japanese gentlemen man the sushi bar with one assistant, at least during the lunch hours, and one waitress. Service is immediate and excellent.

There are two chef’s specials, or omakase, that you can order. The $80 version lacks the Abalone Sushi. With Abalone, the price is $110. You can also order a la carte, but I personally think leaving the decisions to the sushi chefs is the best way to go. That way, you don’t miss anything special or rare.  On this occasion, we went with the $80 omakase.  We’ve had the Abalone before, and it is excellent.

We started with a delightful squid sashimi over a bed of seaweed with a light miso sauce. The squid was tender but chewy, and the flavors blended nicely.

The sashimi plate included spiny lobster tail, salmon, scallops, toro, ahi, calamari, and halibut. I don’t think I’ve ever had fish more fresh or flavorful. After the sashimi, a hot plate of white fish wrapped around shrimp, salmon and avocado with a mayonnaise sauce was served. The mayo sauce had a crust to it, and the fish was completely cooked. The blend of flavors was amazing.

Next came maguro and toro sushi. The toro was so amazingly tender and mild in taste. Next, a Japanese grouper with ponzu was served by the chefs at Mitch’s Fish Market and Sushi Bar. I love the addition of ponzu, which is a mixture of soy sauce and citrus; otherwise, the soy sauce would have overwhelmed the delicate taste of the grouper. It tasted very much like halibut.

Mackerel sushi was then served with ginger, green onion and ponzu. The ponzu had a very different effect on this more fishy fish. But, it was still mild. Negi toro roll was so good, with the ahi inside nicely chopped.

But wait, there’s more. Cooked unagi sushi was served with a rich, sweet sauce. I just love unagi!! And, finally the remaining part of the lobster that we didn’t eat was boiled in a miso broth and served with the head in the soup. It was fun to pick at the remaining bits of lobster. As you can imagine, we were quite full by the end of the meal.

Mitch’s Fish Market and Sushi Bar does not serve alcohol, but you are welcome to bring your own. They’re kind enough to provide an ice bucket to keep your drinks cold.

Mitch’s is the place to go for sushi in Honolulu, an outstanding sushi joint!!

Mitch’s Fish Market and Sushi Bar Wrap-Up

Price: $$$$


Good Things

  • Amazing sushi
  • Great service
  • Good quantity for the price

Bad Things

  • Hard to find
  • BYOB

The Breakdown


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