Terry Black’s BBQ

Terry Black’s BBQ is relatively new in Austin but comes from a long line of BBQ family, originally in Lockhart, TX, about an hour away from Austin.  I worked for Dell for ten years, and it wasn’t until my seventh year traveling to Austin that my husband finally agreed to go with me as long as bbq was included in EVERY meal.  That was a while back, and the Austin BBQ scene is so much more and better today.

Dave got off the plane and had to immediately have bbq, so I took him to Black’s upon my local friend’s recommendation.  They were kind enough to show us around their pits and describe the process for their bbq.  A Pitmaster is always on hand when the meat is cooking even though it takes 10-12 hours.

Inside, Terry Black’s BBQ is very clean and comfortable.  You start at a buffet line to choose your sides, everything from cole slaw to macaroni and cheese and bbq beans.  We were just there for the meat, so we opted for the other side of the aisle for a cold Shiner Bock, a somewhat local and very popular brew in Austin.

The brisket was quite good but a little dry.  The prime rib bone, however, was HUGE and absolutely delicious.  I chastised Dave for not getting a knife.  Duh!!  If you need a knife for BBQ, you won’t want to eat it.  The meat is fall-off-the-bone tender with a nice red smoke ring to show off the bbq perfection.  Terry Black’s BBQ should definitely be a stop when you’re next in Austin.

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