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Weekly Hot Tips – April 21

Weekly Hot Tips – April 21 – It’s this week’s version of what hot in and around San Francisco.  You’ll see restaurants, food, wine, and activities.  Enjoy!  Would love your feedback and other suggestions on how to make this weekly post more valuable.

San Francisco Restaurants

Table8 is a new startup that hopes you’re willing to pay $20-25 for a reservation that’s next to impossible to get, like State Bird Provisions.

TastingTable tells us about their favorite ramen places in San Francisco.  I just love ramen and can’t wait to try the ones I haven’t.  I will be reviewing Goma Tei from Honolulu next week, clearly the best ramen I have ever had.

Sammy’s Aloha is open at Pier 33 with great reviews from Yelp fans.   Here’s to all of my Hawaiian friends. The Northern California Hawaii Chamber of Commerce is an excellent organization with a fabulous fundraiser at the top of the St. Francis Hotel each year.  There’s a huge bond between Hawaiians in San Francisco and Hawaii.

Chris Cosentino’s Incanto re-opens as Porcellino.  EaterSF reports, and I’ve seen many reports.  It’s a much more casual environment with a store inside and takeouts of the stuff we’re familiar with from the Ferry Plaza building.

 EaterSF tells us about the 12 most anticipated restaurants in the coming season.  I’m most looking forward to Urban Putt, but the new old Schroeder’s, and Pabu and the Ramen Bar is sure to be a winner with Michael Mina’s name behind it.

Zagat – How could you just as my chocoholic sister goes on her Greece Turkey trip for two weeks.  Your top San Francisco chocolate desserts will surely make her yearn for home sooner than later.

Where to eat in SF on 4/20 by Thrillist.  You won’t believe what Colorado has planned!!

Food and Wine

OMG!!!  7×7 gives us the recipe for The Slanted Door’s Crab and Cellophane Noodles.  A MUST TRY!!!

Lucky Peach is a quarterly magazine, the brainchild of David Chang of New York’s Momofuku, and a star in the PBS Mind of a Chef series.  I can’t recommend this magazine more highly.  It’s filled with crazy articles and great recipes.  Even Harold McGee, the authority on food science weighs in.  Guest chefs and writers include Tony Bourdain, Daniel Patterson, my friend at Bourbon Barrel Foods.  It’s just great writing for those of us qualified to be foodies.


CurbedSF lists all 43 San Francisco Parklets.  There are a diverse number of opinions about parklets, little one or two parking lot street places with sitting areas or plants.  Most I’ve heard either love the space or are angry at yet more parking opportunities gone by the ‘parklet’ wayside.

Weekend Sherpa tells us about a great piece of the Bay Area Ridge Trail through the Presidio.

CurbedSF shows us some amazing old maps of San Francisco.

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