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Weekly Hot Tips – August 4

Weekly Hot Tips – August 4, well almost weekly, is my lowdown on the latest restaurants, food, wine and activities going on in the Bay Area, primarily.  I read just about everything I can get my hands on to stay abreast of the latest trends and openings, and Weekly Hot Tips – August 4 is my way of sharing them with you.  And, since it’s been a few weeks, there’s LOTS to share!  Enjoy!!

San Francisco Restaurants

eg_travicon_31San Francisco Restaurants issued their opinions on the finest restaurants in the Bay Area in their August edition.  Interesting!!  You’ll also find their chefs awards, voted for by previous award winners.  Maruya, which I reviewed a while back, got top honors for sushi.  You HAVE to go there!!

I really like Thrillist.  This list is about the top 21 Ramen shops in the city.

Lolo just keeps on moving along.  They’ve opened Lolo Cevicheria in their old space on 22nd Street.  EaterSF shows us around.

If you don’t subscribe to The Accidental Wino, you should.  Tim Costner knows everything there is to know about Napa eats, and he spreads out to some really unusual places.  His photography is amazing!!  Tim has a new book out, Napa Before Noon, for only $2.99.  It’s full of great places to eat breakfast in Napa.  His article about Spätzle with Herbed Walnut Sauce @ Gaumankitzel, Berkeley, has me ramping up for a trip to Berkeley!!

Zagat talks about the best BBQ places in the bay area.

I LOVE Dennis Leary, no not the Rescue Me guy, the amazing chef in San Francisco.  His new bar, Natoma, is now open in the FiDi.  EaterSF shows it off.

The 33 best burgers in the country??  Thrillist’s article is definitely accompanying me on my road trip!!6026-abstract

The Tradesman opened in one of the hottest blocks in the city these days, with Trick Dog and Central Kitchen as neighbors.  UrbanDaddy tells you why you have to go, and when you’re there, don’t miss Heath Ceramics.


Fresh pizzaTony’s Pizza Napoletana has been named the BEST PIZZA in America.  If you haven’t gone, you must.  EaterSF tells you why.

Looking for a waterfront bar??  Thrillist has every single one here!!!  Why didn’t they publish this for last year’s America’s Cup??

Six new menus from six of San Francisco’s favorite restaurants, according to Thrillist.

If old-school sub shops are your thing, Thrillist has ’em for you.

You may remember Ravi Kapur who was the genius chef behind Prospect?  He left there because he wanted to spend more time with his family, and he’s been doing popups under the name Liholiho Yacht Club.  Well, now he and partners from Nopa and Nopalito are opening a brick and mortar in the TenderNob.  Exciting news from EaterSF.6028-abstract

Plin in The Mission, a creation of Alexander Alioto (yes that family) and former chef at Seven Hills is going to spark up the neighborhood even more.  Alin is going to the top of my list of ‘must trys’.  EaterSF tell you why.

Food and Wine

If you’ve never been to California’s oldest farmers market, it’s worth a look.  Lots less expensive than many in the city.  Chow tells you all about the Alemany Farmers Market.

Do you want to know how to make perfect paella??  TastingTable shows you all of the steps.Cocktails

Thrillist tells you all you need to know about Bourbon and Branch and their new basement.  In a pretty seedy neighborhood, Bourbon and Branch requires you to make a reservation and have a code to get in.  It’s dark and romantic inside.


Following up on my post about my Japantown Tour, coincidentally, Sarah Fritsche of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote about some of her favorites here.

Background made from healing herbsPeople don’t often think of Sonoma Coast beaches as a destination, but they are beautiful and sparsely populated.  I know because I live there part time.  My favorite is Stump Beach, not listed in this review by 7X7.

How about a nice, quiet city park for a change?  CurbedSF has 66 of them for you!

When the weather is good, these San Francisco buildings have ‘killer outdoor amenities‘, according to CurbedSF.

West Sonoma County, where I live part time, is becoming more and more attractive and more and more diverse.  San Francisco Magazine lists the important things to see and do.

Need some things to do before the summer ends??  Thrillist has yet another list, and it’s a good one!!

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