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Weekly Hot Tips – March 31

While I’m reviewing as fast as I can, I can’t possibly eat at every lead I research. So, I’ve decided to put together a weekly post under ‘Must Try’, entitled Hot Tips of the Week, which will summarize the hot news and tips I read throughout the week.  I have added a link to my review of the restaurants I’ve visited.  Rest assured, the ones I haven’t are on the hit list for sure.  I’ll start with restaurants, then food and wine, and finally a section under activities.  Happy reading!!

San Francisco Restaurants

AT&T ParkTravel and Leisure Magazine’s April edition covers 95 Places to Eat Like a Local.  You’d have to be a subscriber to access it, but I did find 100 Ways to Eat Like a Local, with different offerings, on their website.  I’m excited to try the Smoked Trout Sandwich at San Francisco’s Bar Tartine.  I never knew that the Beverly Hills Hotel has a classic diner inside.  Las Vegas’ Spring Mountain Rd. is loaded with great Chinese food.  Balthazar in New York is now on my list.

Pal’s Takeaway TastingTable -tells us that, the burger offered every other Wednesday at this Mission District pop up is one of the best in town.  Next date is the second day of Giants season, April 9th.  Picnic anyone??

Zagat reviews 10 hot, new brunch spots.

Fries anyone??  Thrillist discusses the 13 best.

Tasting Table tells us about two new Chinese restaurants in the Bay Area, both from unusual Chinese regions.

Food and Wine

Hamburger7×7‘s giving us the inside info on 4505 Meat’s awesome cheeseburger.  Click here to make your own!!

OK, so it’s not food or wine – it’s bourbon, and I’m a fan.  Check out The Bourbon Review here.

Looking for good places for a drink in Oakland.  Here’s Thrillist’s take.

7×7‘s talking about three new artisan markets, one in Oakland and two in San Francisco.  Local Mission Market is a pretty amazing place, and I’m anxious to check out the old Red Vic movie house which has been turned into a marketplace.


 Zerve.com – This cool website has all kinds of locals-appealing tours in US cities. Travle and leisure’s April magazine focuses on where locals eat around the world and air travel innovations. Here are the 15 innovations they say will change the way you travel.

Travel and Leisure discusses ‘15 Tech Innovations That Will Change the Way You Travel‘.

Healdsburg – I just love this quaint little town – might even live there one day.  Weekend Sherpa gives us more ideas on how to enjoy it.

La Cocina – This kitchen incubator has put out some amazing food and helped foster bright new ideas in the food business.  Wanna party???  Join me at their 2nd Annual Gala and Reception on May 12.

Devil's SlideDevil’s Slide is now a new and beautiful park.  The San Francisco Chronicle reports.

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