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Weekly Hot Tips – May 12

Weekly Hot Tips – May 12 is my weekly stab at telling you what’s new in and around San Francisco.  Enjoy the latest hot tips about restaurants, food, wine and activities.

San Francisco Restaurants

TWENTY-FIVE new restaurants this month in San Francisco???  Crazy.  Find out more at these news spots – Thrillist, 7×7,

Urban Putt is San Francisco’s only miniature golf center, complete with some darn good food.  In addition to EaterSF, Thrillist gives more news.

Do you love Eggs Benedict??   Tasting Table tells us of the best spots in the city.

Manhattan CocktailSO happy to see Big 4 back.  The new owners did a major renovation, but the place looks just as traditional and cozy.  The Huntington is now The Scarlet Huntington.  Here’s Urban Daddy’s slide show.

Schroeders is back, and Thrillist is REALLY impressed.  German Beer Hall, here we come!!

SOMA Street Food

Food and Wine

Cheese thumbI surprised my Hawaiian friends by cooking clams in beer.  They were delicious.  Tasting Table says that the same is true for mussels.


Peek – This is a spot where you can find just about any tour by any means in San Francisco.  Can’t wait to try a few out.

FishCurbedSF tells us about San Francisco’s secret gardens.

The San Francisco Chronicle discusses a website to organize your trip plans.

We San Franciscans just love our city and consider ourselves to be the luckiest people in California, maybe even the planet!!  Here’s a hysterical take on how we San Franciscans view the rest of California.

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