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Weekly Hot Tips – May 26

Weekly Hot Tips – May 26 – is all about the latest food news that I have compiled as part of my research and offering you the hottest news available about the San Francisco food scene.  I’ve also included some cool activities to consider.

San Francisco Restaurants

Thrillist $1 OystersKim Alter, the chef at Plum in Oakland, tells us in San Francisco Magazine that Anchor Oyster Bar is her favorite in the city.

Curbed SF talks about Pepito West‘s opening this week.

Traci DesJardins is at it ALOT, and The Commissary is her latest, according to EaterSF,  in the Presidio.  Can’t wait to try it.

My husband LOVES barbecue.  Thrillist reports on the top 8 in the city.

Burgers are splurge food, and San Francisco has a few extraordinary ones according to Tasting Table.

Palm House is open, which we’ve reported on before.  The interior looks great, and the food should be so island inspired.

Brunch again??? It was just Mother’s Day!  But here are 8 new ones to try via Thrillist.

The guy behind Cafe Claude and Gitane now introduces Gaspar Brasserie.  EaterSF talks about the new addition to the empire here.

Food and Wine

Organic Cucumbers Being Sold In A MarketAedan Fermented Foods is an awesome food producer with strong ties in the San Francisco restaurant scene.

East Coast Shrimp Boil by Tasting Table??  Yum!!!

Thrillist’s Streetcar Drinking Guide.  You may need a taxi or Uber or Lyft or Sidecar afterwards!!

Really??  Ten more new restaurants??  Zagat breaks down the ones coming in the summer, which, people, is just around the corner.

Bloody Mary‘s anyone??  Thrillist tells us about the best ones.

Ice cream?  Thrillist’s best 21 here.


 spices and herbsFoodie Tours.  It’s time to get out and see all of what San Francisco has to offer.  Check out Edible Excursions, Foodie Adventures, and the great ones written about by yours truly at San Francisco Locals Guide!!

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