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Weekly Hot Tips – May 5

Weekly Hot Tips – May 5 is this week’s report on what’s new in and around San Francisco for the last two weeks.  Check out new San Francisco Restaurants, Food and Wine and Activities.  Your feedback is always welcomed.  And, Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

San Francisco Restaurants

BaconBacon Bacon is back with a vengeance.  Thrillist tells us all about it.

Caltrain anybody??  Thrillist reveals the best bars near CalTrain stations.

Breakfast Sandwiches – Yum!!  Yelp breaks down the best in the area.

EaterSF talks about the new bar, Mercer.

The Condor Club – There’s a bar inside this gentleman’s club and a Thrillist lady reporter reports.

Crazy!!  A private men’s club behind a revolving fireplace!!!  Check it out on Thrillist.

New restaurants in May?  You won’t believe how many!!  San Francisco Chronicle reports here.  A miniature golf course, San Francisco’s only.  Just wild stuff this month!

EaterSF’s Heat Map is updated.

Urban Putt.  Here’s the Zagat slide show about what to expect this week.

Zagat picks some inspiring tacos.

Food and Wine

breakfast sandwichZagat tells us about the top ten ‘bites’ at Ferry Plaza.

Tasting Table shows how to make the best steak at home.  Based on the picture, it’s exactly how we do it at home.

San Francisco Chronicle tells you how to pick out the best strawberries.


The San Francisco Decorator Showcase is back, and per CurbedSF, it looks like it’s going to be amazing.  A tradition in San Francisco, and a benefit of University High School, interior decorators take on one room each and completely revamp a San Francisco mansion.

Bouverie Preserve – I love Glen Ellen, and I’d never heard of this 535 acre preserve.  Check it out on Weekend Sherpa.

FishCargo Cruise??  I won’t do it as I’ve been around cargo ships since I was very young.  But here’s the info on how you can.

San Francisco Stereotypes??  This CurbedSF infographic nails it, in my opinion.

Santa Cruz.  My brother lives near here, so I like to keep tabs on hikes and activities.  Davenport is pretty cool according to Weekend Sherpa.

Tell me what you think about this weekly post.  It’s a lot of work, and I want to make sure it’s hitting home with my readers.

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